Monday, January 21, 2008

Life of a student in a small town ED

I've started to feel more comfortable in the small-town ED. Now that the nurses are getting used to me, they have been making sure I get "learning opportunities" all the time....

"Student!... want to do another glucose?"

"Student!... want to take out some stitches?"

"Student!... how about you do the interview for room 3, both kids have a rash."

"Student! ... go and pack that abscess wound"

I know that I'm the runt of the pack right now, and I take it in stride. Honestly, this department has been really welcoming, a change from other floors I have worked on as a student.

Although I still feel I don't know very much, I'm starting to feel more comfortable doing assessments, and doing basic treatments without the aid of my preceptor. I still check in with her and we do a lot of stuff together (I'm surprised she's not sick of me yet!), but I'm feeling more independent.

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