Friday, February 13, 2009

Piss off

Grr. A gastro virus is going around and people are coming in to spread it around to other patients as well as staff.

And no, drug seeker IV drug user COPD pneumonia guy, I can't give you another 6mg of hydromorph 1 hour after you got your last q4h breakthrough dose. Especially when you leave the department for the 6th time in the last 2 hours to have a 'smoke break'. Oh you want to chat huh? Tell that to the other 6 patients that I had to leave so that I could find you and drag your ass back to your room.

What, it's a nice Sunday afternoon? Plus 2 degrees and sunny? Well why don't all you RN's call in sick. I can totally look after 12 sick patients by myself until additional staff come in. Being 5 nurses short is a thrill I tell you!

Been in the waiting room for 3 hours? Poor baby. Let me get you a warm blanket and a sammich so you can complain about your ingrown toenail a bit more.

Oh and hyponatremic-waterdrinking- highglucose guy. Yeah you can leave AMA right before the doc comes to dispo you... Dumbass. The doc literally was coming over to see you and yet you "gotta get going" despite you waiting all night to find out why you're vomitting. I look forward to greeting your ambulance when you de-sat and are diaphoretic with chest pain because you are a 35yo obese diabetic 2-pack a day smoker.

I'm in a piss-ass mood. Work has been hell. Fuck off.

Thursday, February 5, 2009