Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I should be tired

In my winter-break month-long hiatus (well deserved, but yes I realize I was spoiled this year!) I have been getting into the habit of all night-people.. staying up till 3am and waking up around noon. However tonight is a night I have to convert back to a "normal person" schedule.

My attempt at rationing my sleep last night was an utter failure. Not only did I feel tired all day, but I am STILL UP AT 3am. Unfortunately for me, however, my alarm will be going off at 6:45, so I can be at orientation for 9am.

Tomorrow is going to be painful. I just hope I can keep caffeinated enough to make it home safely.. if I get tired I can fall asleep anywhere, including while driving (yikes!) . Typically I manage with downing copious amounts of coffee, antacids and opening up the windows to the Canadian winter.

Perhaps its the orientation, and the placement that has me edgy. I have been thinking about it a lot, and I have come to the realization that I do not feel at all confident in my nursing skills. I have pre-hospital experience and training, and feel really confident with that.. but throwing in a detailed respiratory assessment, anticipating an intubation, IV starts (which in my nursing school they don't teach us until the final placement!), blood testing (again same with the IV, no-can-do until the final placement), circulation medications... That's a lot different then checking ABC's as an advanced First Aider! I know 3-5 drugs as a First Responder... aspirin, epinephrine (through an EpiPen), nitroglycerin, ventolin (only to be used as prescribed), and various illicit and recreational drugs. That is very different than needing to know the 100's that nurses know and use on a regular basis! I think my first year (or more) will be spent with my nose partially in a drug book.

I should have more stories as more experiences occur.

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