Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm a geek

AAAAhhhhh... after many hours of working in the ED, I finally get my first 5 days off. At my hospital the nurses that are full time do a Day-Day-Night-Night rotation, with 5 off in between. Mind you, the first day is a sleeping day, but essentially for 4.5 days you are not hospital property.

So here I am in the middle of my five days off, and what do I do? Well, I do homework (learning goals due today), I go to school (I need references for a job), I go grocery shopping, and then I relax with a tea and.... a book on how to read EKG's.

I am the biggest nerd in the world.

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Sean said...

You have to tell me what you think for the two day/two night/five off rotation. I'll be switching to it in the near future.

Is it good, bad, or somewhere in between?

btw, thanks for the line, I'm sorry I didn't find you earlier! I added a link back. :)