Monday, June 2, 2008

Knee deep in studying

So after mucho procrastination, I am at my final study day before the Canadian RN exam. I sit on Wednesday, and unlike the NCLEX, it is paper written, and a full day process. Urgh. Some of those questions they offer are so obscure, I think I'll get them wrong no matter what I think is reasonable. So instead, I'm focusing the rest of my studying on making sure I can at least recognize the disease and what the priority nursing component is, so I don't get those wrong.

All I have to do is pass, so I'll be ok. But still. Scary!

I have a shift in the ER tomorrow during the day, so hopefully I'll have something to write about soon. Talking about old ladies with constrictures from a stroke 2 years ago isn't that fun.

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Ali said...

Good luck on the CNRE! At least you don't have to do those horrid short answer questions we had last year. Get lots of sleep the night before. I'm sure you'll do great!