Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another step completed.

I wrote the CRNE yesturday. 300 questions, a lot of "what would you say if" questions. I think I did ok but because of archaic technology, I won't know if I passed until August. I'm just glad its over. The final step of becoming an RN is done. After this point, it is up to me to study and keep in touch with the research.

After 4 shifts, I'm still up in the air whether I really like my new job. It's in the ED, so there will always be something new coming in and the day will be different, but I guess because nothing too exciting has happend yet, I'm feeling a little disappointed. I was trying to not have expectations, and so far its working, but that tiny part of me is saying "it's a bigger hospital, there's gotta be SOMETHING cool going on". I'm sure I'm just one of those "Angels of Mercy" where when I'm on shift people don't die, and people don't get that sick. Some of the nurses I'm in a line with are shit magnets, so I'm sure my luck will change.

Isn't it sad that I WANT something to happen on my shift? I feel a bit morbid.

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