Friday, June 20, 2008

Getting into shape

I've been sitting on my ass too much because of my knee (which is markedly better, but still no stairs), so I decided that today is the day I start to get myself back into shape. I remember the days of playing a full soccer game without pain, and without being winded. I would love to get back to that.

I should preface things by saying that I HATE going to the gym. I always have. I'd rather be doing soccer suicides, then doing a cardio class or doing free weights. I'm weird, I know. I guess it was because when I was a kid I swam competitively, and I didn't have to worry about staying in shape because I was at the pool 10 times a week to train. Now that I'm 10+ years and +30lbs post swimming days, I feel the flab on my ass, and although my shoulders remain muscular (a not-so-fun remnant from swimming) I'm in terrible shape.

But, if I want to be able to get back into soccer in the fall, I've got to be able to start running again. Hence the gym and specifically, the treadmill. I'm by far the worst runner ever, but in a soccer game I am fine because its a competitive sport and I'm not thinking about running. I'm NOT a fan of running in one spot, but since I can't play soccer yet, or even go to the practices (my knee can't handle the stops and starts), I'm stuck at the gym.

I have a follow-up appointment with the Sports Medicine doc next week, and hopefully she'll give me the green light for other activities.

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