Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Accomplishments and expectations

Graduation ceremony was yesterday, and it just so happens I received BOTH my masters and my BScN degrees at the same time. I still qualify, however, to walk across the stage one more time on Friday, which I will be doing with my parents in the audience.

There are officially no other tasks I could possibly do related to my former university in relation to my degree(s). It feels very weird to be done.

I can now list my name as: Elaine, BHSc, BScN, MSc, RN. OK the RN is still a temporary license until my results come in for the exam I wrote last week, but wow that's a lot of letters.

The question now to be asked is: Do I need all those letters? I know I want to be a bedside nurse for a few years to solidify my skills, but after that? Where do I see myself? Being a clinical instructor? NP? Meds? Management? I have no idea what will make me professionally fulfilled.

I'm also in my late 20s and have to start thinking about procreation (yes I'm a geek and called it that), and if I wait 2 years and go to med school, how the heck am I to have a family and not be too much in debt or divorced?

I have a friend who says women are stuck between a rock and a hard place... especially ambitious women. The expectation is that not only do we have to be successful professionally, but we also have to be a perfect mother and wife. And, we put the pressure on ourselves which makes us somewhat unhappy.

I do want a family, but I also want a career. I don't know what I'm prepared to sacrifice, or if I have to sacrifice anything at all.

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