Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm sorry

I have been an awful poster. Soon though, soon!

Good news though, I have interviews at my little rural hospital and the bigger university hospital in the city. The downside is the interview at the larger center is NOT at the trauma center.

I'm disappointed about that, and I'm torn between the two.

1) I know the staff at the small hospital
2) The small hospital is by a major highway so there are some interesting traumas, I dont' know about the large hospital because I haven't been there, but I'm sure they get traumas too, but more often then not they are bypassed
3) the big hospital is both a cardiac and a stroke center
4) the smaller hospital has nurses do more because there are no support staff, whereas the large hospital has RT's, PTs, med students, residents, personal support workers, etc. I don't know which I would like more.
5) I wouldn't have to commute more then 5 minutes to the large hospital, whereas the small hospital on a bad snow day could take me over an hour.
6) Small hospital is near my parents' place, so I could stop in there, visit, or stay overnight if I needed to
7) I wouldn't have to (or want to) move to an area near the highway if I worked at the big hospital
8) Eventually I'd want to work at a big hospital anyway, yet not this particular big hospital (not a trauma center) but this big hospital is affiliated with the trauma center, and apparently I can't work at both places.
9) Either way does it really matter? I want to be an NP most likely in about 5 years.

ACK! I have an interview Friday at the small hospital, and an interview Monday at the large one. Wish me luck!

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