Monday, February 4, 2008

Worn out.

In the fall when I was on my way to completing my Masters, and I was finalizing the rest of my nursing courses, I told myself that in January/February, I'm going to have time for myself. I'll even start making dinners for my Honey, and overall start pulling my weight more around the house.

Well it's now February, and I'm still seemingly as busy as ever.

I'm one of those people that just seem to always be busy. I schedule myself out too much. For instance, I'm on a DDNN rotation, with 5 days off. I'm on day 4 of the 5, but today was the first official day off. Friday through to Sunday I taught a First responder course out of town. Tomorrow, I'll be heading to work for my former Master's supervisor to do some Research Assistant work. It's good money, but I start my next DDNN rotation on Wednesday, and I don't feel ready or rested.

I know some people get burnt out, and in the fall I definitely was... to the point I needed professional help to get over my anxiety and sleep problems. Now I'm just feeling tired. I hate this tired feeling and I am not a bitter person, but I still hate to think what affect this has on my patient care, and my learning.

I used to have 4 part-time and casual jobs on top of being in school. Now I just have these 2 casual/part time. I would love to not do them, but with the amount of debt I am in (approaching 60k because of 4 years of school that I've paid for myself) I just can't justify putting myself in any more debt because I want a few days off. Sigh.

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