Sunday, September 23, 2007


So life has finally caught up to me and I am, at 4pm on Sunday, still in bed. I have a brutal head cold. I guess this is repayment for the lifestyle I have been leading the past few weeks. Somehow, I noted the other day, I had lost a month. I mean that I have missed out on a month's worth of stuff because I have been working myself like an animal trying to get things done.

The bugs have been flying all over campus, so it wasn't surprising that now I have succombed. I hoped it would be next week. But alas, here I am coughing and blowing my nose.

A funny story of the day (and to show you how out of it I really am), I woke up from a nap today, looked at the time, and flipped out because I was late. What was I late for? I was late for orientation (by then it would have been finished) for my nursing class for our upcoming paediatrics rotation. I was also late for teaching birth control, as it was 3:21pm. After freaking out and running around for a few minutes looking for a phone to call the clinic, I realized something... it was still SUNDAY. I hadn't lost a day, I'm just a sick dufus who is too out of it to realize the day had not passed yet.

Sigh. Well wish me luck, i have to try to catch up on readings. Perhaps 10% will stay in my brain.

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