Sunday, September 9, 2007

The life and times of a long term student

Eight years. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the horror stories your parents heard of their friends- friends'- friends' daughter continuing in post-secondary education much longer then anticipated are indeed true.

Although at first it seems ridiculous that one person could be in university that long without at least starting a PhD, my story seems to have some sense. After an undergrad where jobs after were rare, I turned to graduate studies. During the second year of graduate studies, realizing once again jobs were scarce in that field, I then again turned to undergraduate. This time, however, I had a plan: utilize my knowledge for health studies within the nursing field. Thus I am currently completing a 2-year intense nursing program and will be complete in spring 2008.

This blog will be focusing on the struggle to deal with the stresses of this program, the struggle of being in school for 8 years, and the successes (hopefully!) that will come out of being in this program. Also included will probably be rants and raves, which, honestly, is a reason to read this blog!

I look forward to writing, and hopefully, you will look forward to reading. See you soon.

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Jen said...

I hear ya sistah! 10 years of school for 2 BSc's (one archaeology and one nursing in '08). Very related feilds really other than the dead people/ living people thing. No, seriously! Just found your blog today and worked my way backwards to this entry. Nice work. Looking forward to hearing about your last term and consolidation. Cheers, Jen