Monday, September 10, 2007

My computer's name is Fluffy

No joke. In fact, my boyfriend cut me from internet access because he thought my computer was a hacker or a virus.

I called my computer that because first of all, it's funny that a solid, metal object could be called Fluffy, and two, I just realized that the name symbolizes a lot of what I am 'learning' in nursing school. Don't get me wrong, this program is very busy and can be incredibly stressful as well as challenging. But what I find is that there are a lot of "caring and sharing" classes, understandable as it is a nursing program, but I am a fact-oriented person, not a caring/emotional person. I do develop a good therapeutic relationship with my patients/clients and I pride myself to get to that point of trust with a patient. But I will not be the nurse that will hover over a person and go 'aww that's too bad' at every complaint that a patient has. It's just not my personality, and if I did that I think the patient would feel I'm faking it, and the therapeutic relationship will become strained.

Right now we are in maternal/child health. This is a topic I find very interesting; I've always enjoyed learning about developmental biology/physiology and about the birthing experience. Today we are having a lecture on the health promotion of pregnancy, and what I've found so far that the information we're presented seems very subjective, and loosely based on theoretical constructs. Shouldn't we be learning about how to give health promotion to the client? What information is important to give? But instead we are once again talking about non-scientific concepts, and family dynamics. We have spent over 3 hours on about 20 slides. This is ridiculous and a waste of my time. I have yet to learn anything I have not known before, either through my education in Health Science, or in life experience. Give me the textbook reading, and instead in lecture focus on what we are to do with these clients.

I've decided to just shut up in lecture, and suck it up and take it in. There's no point in trying to provide scientific/factual or even direct information to the class, the professor skirts the issue. Nurse BS here I come!

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