Friday, September 14, 2007

Long day

I know I have done this to myself, but today was a particularly long day.

I seem to regularly over-extend myself. Some of the activities I participated in are necessary, and others may not be as much, but I'm a person that keeps my commitments as much as possible.

Hence my long day today.

It started at a reasonable hour, 9:30 class... which turned out to be an interesting lecture. After this followed a 1 hour meeting/lunch with my classmates for a group assignments, and another lecture.
Its now 3:30, you'd think I can pack up and go home. NOPE. I then head over to the clinic where I do birth control counselling, and teach for 2 hours. Not done yet, I have a volunteer commitment until 10pm. a 12.5 hour day isn't bad, but I'm not done yet.

I then procede to go BACK to work at a different locale, and will continue this shift for another 6 hours.

My day ends at 4am.

So what have I done in total?

1) went to school for a 6 hour shift
2) went to work for an 8 hour shift
and 3) volunteered 5 hours.

I still have to catch up on reading, I have thesis work to do, I have a meeting with my supervisor and I"m not done the prep work, AND I'm volunteering again tomorrow night.

I love life.

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