Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Hallowe'en

Tomorrow is Hallowe'en, and tonight, being a Saturday night, the college kids will be out in their beautiful (and freakishly small) costumes.  Tonight is the night of "sexy-pirate" and "sexy-kitty" and "sexy-Icangetawaywithitwithoutlookinglikeaslut" outfits.  This is also the night that the people who are scheduled to work the ED groan and kick themselves for not trading the shift.

Last year I had a horrible ED Hallowe'en experience.  Hallwe'en was actually on a Saturday night, and it was also the time change.  Not only did I have to work an EXTRA HOUR (fall back, remember?) but there was computer DOWNTIME for about 5 hours.  This meant that not only did we have a bunch of extra people (all drunk) in the ED, we also had to do everything MANUALLY.  Manual xray requisitions, manual lab requisitions, faxing lab results, the works.

If you are an Emergency nurse and do not want to babysit drunks, NEVER work Hallowe'en.  I'd rather work New Years Eve then Hallowe'en.


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