Saturday, December 13, 2008

Still up

Still up from a shift that was pretty much the worst I've had in a night shift. The whole department was crazy busy. Usually I have time to look at the computer to see what the rest of the department is up to, tonight, I hardly even know who was working.

I'm sitting in my living room at 0810h and drinking a beer. I NEVER drink after work. I don't even drink post crappy day shift where people have died.

Nope, tonight I am sitting here going through everything in my head. This night shift, although incredibly busy, wasn't overly technically difficult except for one patient. Unfortunately for myself, it was also a patient who I can't talk about because the law was involved and I don't want to implicate or have this go against me in court.

My feet ache like an SOB. My right hand occasionally twinges because of all the bloodwork and IV's I started tonight. I bent over and my back twinged too from standing and lifting and working hard all night.

Soon- post beer- I will wash my face, brush my teeth and go and give a hug and kiss to darling Mr. E. Hopefully I can sleep decently.

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