Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm back

I took a week or so off blogging so I could try to enjoy the holidays semi peacefully. I ended up getting a great schedule over the holidays and I don't work either Christmas or New Years. How's that for luck! This will be the only time I will ever have that.

For those who celebrate this time of year, Happy Holidays. For those who don't, I hope you enjoyed the pre-Christmas and Boxing-week sales, and movies that opened up while everyone else was doing the family-thing.

I head to work again tomorrow for another stint before New Year's. Mr E is visiting his parent's in the even more Great White North... booneyville Northern Ontario. He'll be back by New Year's so we'll spend that time together.

Although I have to admit seeing one's family can sometimes be trying (and annoying!) and making small talk about the same thing over and over again can be boring, there are still some things I look forward to:

1) the food ('nuff said)
2) seeing my immediate family
3) the annual girl's movie night (we try to pick a really girly movie)
4) playing Phase 10 (a really great card game that I'm stuck on and typically play with my sister and bro-in-law)
5) being lazy while mom is creating her gastronomic miracles (anytime I don't have to cook is a great day for me!)

I hope you all had a great week.


Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

I had a great Christmas week off from work. One of the perks of being a NP working in an office setting.
Are you working on your Master's in Nursing as a NP as well? Everyone keeps asking me if I am going to go on and get my DNP but I'm not seeing any advantage yet.

miss-elaine-ious said...

I've thought about doing NP school, but I need 2 years of bedside nursing first, so the application won't be able to go in until at least January 2010 for Sept 2010 start.

Right now in Ontario there aren't as many jobs for NP's, so I have to continue to keep an eye out for a job before I go back to school full time.

DNP would probably only be good if you wanted to teach NP school. Although the U.S. is more advanced when it comes to midlevel providers, so I am not as familiar.