Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am lucky.

Although I complain on this blog, and I moan about how I want more action in the big city emergency department, I consider myself very lucky.

I’m lucky because I am healthy. Yeah, I had a bum knee for most of this summer and still do physio for it, but I’m lucky because I have the opportunity to heal.

There are so many people we see in emerg who are relatively young who have to battle ailments that I couldn’t even imagine having. For example:

I met a young lady who had had multiple benign tumours removed, but they continue to grow in random areas and now she was partially paralyzed.

I met a gentleman who was in a motorcycle accident 20 years ago at the age of 21. He is a paraplegic, and riddled with bedsores. In hospital because of sepsis.

I met a 40 year old male with MS. Septic because of a UTI.

Also I have met another 20 something year old with an MI. And a 20-something with a stroke.

The people I have met have taken their illness in stride, and remain optimistic. It has blown my mind. I hope I never forget this, no matter how bad my day.

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