Thursday, July 3, 2008


So here's an interesting topic

I got sent home from work today because I was too eager to work.

We have an inservice day today, from 0830-1630. As you can see by the time that I'm sending this message (0850), I am not at the inservice. WHy am I not there? Because I had to work last night, or so I thought.

See, apparently I was supposed to know that I was only supposed to work 4 hours last night. No
one had told me this, and it was not on the schedule. I had even mentioned that there was a inservice tomorrow all day and that I was working... people didn't blink an eye or suggest I shouldn't work all night

So I jokingly say to the Educator today that I'll make sure I stay awake today.... and she asked why. I stated because I worked last night.

She looked at me in shock and said, well I can't keep you. Go home.

I ask, "what do you mean?"

She says " you were only supposed to work until 2330. " I say "o really? I didn't see anything on the schedule and no one had told me this, so I assumed that I had to work all night. I would be more than willing to stay the day and I am wide awake now, so it's no biggie."

Yes I still use the phrase "no biggie".

Continuing on....

The Clinical Educator said to me that she thought she had made comments earlier on about going home early if you had a night shift before things during the day, and that she had made this clear. I was not aware of this, nor was I not paying attention. It is a new job after all, and I'm the new kid on the block.

How was I supposed to know that I was supposed to ask to leave early (aka 2330)? Am I being punished for being too eager? (the Educator was ticked off that I worked last night and that I'm going to be missing the inservice cuz she wont' let me stay)

I guess I have a different work ethic than others. I didn't even blink an eye when I thought I had to be at work for 21 hours

I'm just hoping no bad repercussions come of this, and I'm pissed off that people assume that I know the policies of the department.

I'm still learning them. How was I to know this is the way things are done in Emerg at cityhospital?

Because in Small town hospital, if you had a meeting to go to all day, and you were scheduled the night before, you worked the night shift and then went to your meeting, unless you had traded or booked with someone else.

I'm ticked off because the situation makes me look bad (despite my good intentions), and since I dont' have a full time job secured, it makes me angry that something has happend that could put me in a bad light with the Educators and bosses.

Anyway, I'm done ranting now, thanks for listening.

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artillerywifecq said...

That is dumb. I guess its a pay issue, if you stay they have to pay you overtime. I bet it all comes down to the money. I would have made the same mistake, figure I had to work my shift then attend.