Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Junior nurse... very interesting

So nursing bullying is in full swing.

A colleague who graduated one year before me told me that I, a 'junior staff member', couldn't dare correct or contradict them.  The colleague was making a sarcastic, inappropriate remark at a critical time in patient care.

I told them I dont apologize for advocating for patients, and 1 year more experience does not a "senior" nurse make.



Anonymous said...

Whoa. I have been pretty lucky on my floor, people listen to me and are pretty respectful.

rn-inc said...

Not a fan of nurse bullying, but I think you handled it graciously. You should check out the new network exclusively for RNs. Go to www.rn-inc.weebly.com

sewa elf said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Scrubs said...

It's always hard to hear that there is bullying among any profession, but especially sounds like you handled it well. Scrubs should band together!