Monday, February 28, 2011

Condolences, but time to let go.

Lately this turn of events has been in newspapers all over the province, and apparently in the USA as well.

My condolences for the family, but it's time to stop the poor baby's suffering.

miss-Elaine-ious RN


Anonymous said...

I don't think that there will be a good end to this story. It is sad that it has had to come to this point. I wonder how it could have been handled differently, but that is easy to say from the outside.
I feel for the family. But I also feel for the nurses and doctors who are caring for this family. It isn't an easy situation...

lisa bc said...

It is a sad situation and I do understand the parents thought process in wanting to hold on as long as possible.

The nurse in me completely agrees with the medical community involved. A trach is such an invasive procedure and will not change the outcome of this dear child's life.

The mother in me wouldn't want to submit my child to such a procedure when there is no hope for recovery and would only prolong his suffering.

There's going to be no happy ending for anyone in this situation. Reminds me of the Terri Schiavo case in Florida many years ago.

Peny@home medical equipment said...

Baby Joseph's story is a sad and tragic one. Many says that hope is eternal, but Baby Joseph's case seems hopeless and at the end, death will takes its effect unto him. However, till he is breathing (technically), his parents have all the reason to hold on. Sometimes miracles happen. And I'm still hoping for the miracle to happen to baby Joseph no matter how small the chance is. :)