Monday, March 16, 2009

now THAT's entitlement

Go to a 2nd world foreign country. Get into a car accident. Don't have insurance.

Be unconscious for a few days. Get better enough that they can kick you out for lack of money.

Fly back to Canada on a 20+ hour flight with no medical care. Go to the nearest hospital once you arrive. You have only 1 working appendage.. the rest are scarred from surgery from the foreign country and you have a severe infection.

Demand treatment- state to the doctor upon your arrival that if you don't get what you want, you'll go to another hospital 10 hours away- in a threatening voice as if the doctor really cares that you go to another place. Demand to those same docs they fix you TODAY. State to the nurses that the care was better at the other country because they let you smoke in your room and have something to eat. Conveniently forget that you were told not to eat or drink, or to use your cell phone while in your room.

Yell at your mom and grandma because they are hovering and wanting you to listen to the staff at the hospital. Yell at the nurses because they 'lose' your chart. Meanwhile your chart is with your mother and she has already told you this.

You are really the most important person in the world.... better let everyone know it, ya know?

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