Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I recently had a discussion with a medical student who suggested that there was ageism in the statement I made about being 80 and wanting to be a DNR. What I was expressing was that as I get older I will be realistic about my prognosis in meaningful recovery, and using age AS A FACTOR, determine my resuscitation status.

I still think there comes a point where age becomes a factor in meaningful recovery, and one seriously needs to consider this before determining their own (or loved ones') resuscitation status.

This does NOT mean that I think all 80+'s should be DNR. This also does not mean that I hate old people and that I am unwilling to participate in a resuscitation attempt because they are over my 'age limit'. All I was implying in that particular post was that you cannot take age out of the equation.

I hope this appeases my friend the med student. And for the 2 people that read this blog, I hope that clarifies things.

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