Saturday, August 28, 2010

Good day

I had a student with me today, to observe the what's what of Emerg in our small city.

We didn't do too much today, luckily it was a slower shift. Don't worry, he still got to hear the nursing-home-dump- little old ladies cry out "My God, why are you torturing me!" and "you hateful people!" when we are changing their diapers. Haha.

There's something refreshing seeing Emerg in a student's eyes. Makes me feel a little better about still working here.

I remember when I was so excited to be in Emerg. Now I'm thinking about a change. I still like emerg, but perhaps a different venue is needed. I'm tired of the admitted patients staying for 48 hours in the ED!


I have averaged about a post a month lately. Honestly, there hasn't' been too much for me to post about, most of the same snoring same. I haven't given up on myself, as I really do enjoy putting my words on the page, so thank you for continuing to read.

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