Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm worn out

I have done quite a lot of shifts lately, more so then normal do to some switches I've made to accommodate Mr E's and my wedding.

So I've been working my butt off.

The other day I came home after a day shift, ate dinner, and then sat on the couch for a bit. It was my transition day, where I go from day shift to night shift the following day. Usually I try to stay up as late as I can, usually until midnight, and then sleep in as long as I can the next morning.

Well I was exhausted from working multiple day shifts in a row, and as I have already posted on this blog about loving night shifts, working multiple days is like torture to me.

I fell asleep sitting up on the couch at 8:30pm. My fiance woke me up and gave me a cookie for dessert.

I ate the cookie. He sat beside me. I leaned in for a cuddle, and next I knew it was 10pm. I gave up and went to bed, was asleep by 10:30, and didn't wake up until 11:30am.

Now you know why nurses can get grumpy or forget things. They are so sleep deprived they need almost a full day or two to recover.

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StorytellERdoc said...

Great honest post, thank you. And btw, I like your name. Alot! LOL Good thinking.