Thursday, November 12, 2009


I am a sucker for animal commercials, commercials from a telecommunications company that has a man at Vimy ridge call his grandfather, or movies with an old man longing to take adventures with his wife and flies his balloon house with an annoying boy scout. Oh and girlie sappy movies. I cry like a baby to the point that my fiance brings extra napkins “just in case”.

I do not cry at work. Have never even been tempted- even when I’m overwhelmed. I have seen numerous people die, families crying, bad things happen, but I don’t cry. Internally I feel bad for the family, but I have never been emotionally connected.

But then you bring a puppy dog in and they don’t have a home and I’m waterworks.

Perhaps this is my way of coping- I invest my emotions in something not real.



kindarspirit said...

Ironically, I am transitioning from an AS in Veterinary Technology (there is nowhere up but a animal doc) and going into human medicine because I couldn't deal with the animal sadness! Instead I'm looking online for info on new endeavors, and I found your blog through Nurse Ratched. Now I am glued to reading about nurses =) I have a bad back though, so my sights are probably hovering around a BS in Medical Technology/CLS. I enjoyed working with the animals, but I found myself to be one of those people who uncontrollably cried while hiding in the kennels and cleaning cat poop after our last emergency went sour. I think emotionally you have some distance because it is self-preservation. If you became too caught up in what happened could happen to you, I guess it would be very bad for you when it came to nursing. I think it is healthy to have some distance, it is what makes you a good care giver but also capable of being compassionate. Too compassionate can be cloudy judgment, or trying to find irrational answers to a logical problem so to provide a favorable outcome. I know I feel the same way every time a see an animal put "to sleep", and it does take a toll on you. Love the blog! =) Thanks for listening to my ramble!

miss-elaine-ious said...

Wow. Thanks for your post! I could not do that job at all, and I'm sorry you are feeling the need to leave your profession. I can see how getting emotionally involved takes its toll, and recognition is important. Look forward to hearing about your adventures in the people world!