Thursday, September 17, 2009

Small rant.

Shipping body bags to First Nations reserves isn't a crime, people die there too and health care workers need proper materials to prepare the body. Sending them in larger numbers along with influenza supplies... I can understand the upset, but come on people.

Were they to ship all other supplies at a different time? We'd be complaining about Health Canada wasting resources next.

I highly doubt that the people of Health Canada were thinking: "Wow it's a First Nation community, we aren't going to help them fight the 'flu, so we're just going to send them body bags".

Asking for an apology: appropriate. Asking for their job? Not needed.

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ecrunner said...

I completely agree with you. Sure, a little scare is incited. But to threaten him to resign and all this government incompetency, not necessary. And like you said, nurses and doctors deal with death daily. Body bags are just a routine part of that.