Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This sucks...

There was a person in our emerg last night who had taken a couple handfulls of acetaminophen extra strength. Not uncommon for someone who has suicidal ideation.

She did, however, not see us for at least a day- not good. Her acetaminophen level was nil, but her liver enzymes were through the roof.

Despite treatment, they were still going up.

Shitty. Young one too.



Anonymous said...

So what happened to her (she of the drug induced liver failure)?

Also, were students in the compressed RN program treated any differently from the "regular" BScN students? Do you find that your health sci bachelors and epidemiology master's(?) helped you in understanding the BScN material, and made you a better nurse? Do you feel that one needs a Bio/Biochem/Health Sci background to succeed in the accelerated nursing program?

Or does it all come down to being able to successfully shove a needle into someone's veins and a Foley catheder into their bladder with consistency anyway, and all the BScN/Health Sci course stuff doesn't matter anyway?

I'm taking some pre-reqs so I can apply for some of Ontario's accelerated BScNs for September 2010, so I'm curious.

miss-elaine-ious said...

She went to the floor sicker than ever. Not sure (we never usually find out) whether she needed a transplant or whether she died. It's a terrible way to go (both painful and just makes you feel like shit).

Wish I could update you more. Usually the outcome isn't great. I'll answer your other questions in a post.