Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Miss-Elaine-ious's BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday Blog!

Today is my 1st anniversary of this blog. Honestly I didn't think I would stick it out this long, especially since I'm not a big fan of writing. However your support and my addiction to reading all your blogs makes me continue this.

To summarize the last year:
  • Wasted a lot my life in classrooms
  • Finished my MSc
  • Finished classroom nursing
  • Got into the rural ED nursing preceptorship
  • Loved the ED preceptorship
  • Found out that I may like being a nurse
  • Got a job in the big city hospital in the New Grad program
  • Went to Florida/vacation for the first time in over 10 years
  • Moved in with the bf
  • Broke my knee (ok my patella but still)
  • Started big hospital orientation
  • Went to two uni grads in one week
  • Finished the precepted shifts
  • Wrote the CRNE
  • Did an ACLS course
  • Got my official RN registration in the mail
  • Continue to do mentored shifts, until Oct 1
What will be next? Hrm.. Lets set up some goals:

  • Complete the TNCC course
  • Complete either PALS or ENPC
  • Start coursework for writing the exam to become an ENC(C) which I think I'll write in 2010
  • Get a permanent job in the ED (December/January is the deadline!)
  • Get engaged (ok that's Mr. E's department but still)
  • Non nursing- GET MY BUTT IN GEAR for indoor soccer season (breaking my knee made me realize that I'm not a spring chicken and I need to take care of myself (aka lose 30+pounds) if I still want to play sports and keep my knees)
I've been trying to fast-track a lot of things because I feel I'm behind. Most new grads are 22 and have a ton of time to set up their careers. Me? Well even though I'm still young (26) I feel as though I have some catching up to do in the life/career department. I'm sure some day I'll slow down, but in the meantime I figure I have the energy, why not do everything now?

Some nurses have been saying to get some experience in the ED before doing courses. The way things are happening lately, when things DO start to pick up, I'll be done my mentorship. I learn better if I do the bookwork and THEN apply it, not the other way around. I like to understand things first.

Well, overall, a great year.

Looking forward to the next!

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