Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today could be called....

... a waste of time. I went to Labour and delivery today. 3 people in the rooms, only 1 more then 2 centimeters dilated. The new staff nurses recently hired got those ones. What did I do today? I stayed in the waiting room and did a bit of schoolwork. Then, I went to break. Then I went back to the room. Then I went to lunch. Then I went to an empty patient room and pretended to watch videos of "the development of your baby". And then I went home.

The only delivery of the day was right before we left, and everyone was allowed in the room EXCEPT the nursing students. The staff nurse, the training nurse, the 2 residents, the med clerk, the consultant, the family, AND the "take your kids to work day" 14 year olds were there, but the nursing students? Nope, we were in the hall.

I realize that L&D is come and go. Sometimes there are TONS of babies delivered, sometimes nothing. I wish our nursing instructor, once lunch hit, would have sent us home. We did not learn anything today. What a waste.

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